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If you have been declined for credit, or you need to get credit ready for future credit needs, US Fair Credit Alliance is your source for help. US Fair Credit is making a difference!

We have helped thousands of clients improve their credit with our effective and affordable credit repair service – we can help you too!

Our comprehensive,
3-Pronged Affordable Credit Repair Service will maximize your results and credit score.

We have a systematic three-pronged strategy to efficiently and affordably get you on the road to a better credit profile. When your program is complete, your credit file and credit scores will be in their absolute best possible status!

US FCA provides years of knowledge and expertise to help you turn your credit situation around, increase your creditworthiness, and provide you with a fresh start.


We verify the accuracy of your accounts that you believe to be inaccurate with the credit bureaus and the reporting companies. This will delete or correct all the accounts found to be inaccurate and erroneous.


If any account remains and a balance is owed, we will provide guidance and assistance to negotiate a pay-off, and then ensure the account is reporting accurately.


We then provide credit-building strategies to help increase your credit scores.

Our Service Pledge

During your initial No-Obligation Consultation we will determine if our program is a good solution for you.
During your consultation we will discuss:

  • your credit goals and needs
  • the factors that makeup and affect your credit and credit scores
  • assess your credit and financial situation
  • determine if our program can help you reach your goals.

If we determine that our program is not the right fit for you, we will do our best to provide recommendations that are better suited for you.

Get credit ready today! Get your credit fixed now!

Clients Served

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How we help you improve your credit report and FICO score efficiently and affordably.

USFCA provides consumers with a professional credit repair service to dispute and thoroughly investigate entries on their credit reports that may contain errors.

  • We follow the laws and guidelines set forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA)
  • We have over 20 years of experience in the credit and debt service fields.
  • We are experts in the credit reporting, collection industries, and the credit approval process.
  • We put your accounts through our in-depth and thorough verification system
  • we will evaluate your credit report and provide you with comprehensive credit optimization strategies that should boost and improve your FICO Credit Score beyond the impact our credit restoration service provides.

How our credit verification system works

  • We begin with your No-Obligation Consultation of your credit report and your input to identify errors that could be damaging your FICO Credit Score.
  • Based on the report analysis, we customize dispute letters outlining the items that are in dispute. We will mail one to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You should receive the investigation results within about 40 days. 
  • We will analyze the results for the successful deletions and corrections and prepare a specialized follow-up letter to continue the verification process, if necessary with your creditors for the accounts remaining in error.

At this time, we typically begin the dispute and investigation process with the company reporting the account also. You should receive the second round results within approximately 30 days and you should forward those results to us for analysis.

Depending on the investigation results, we will determine the strategies to be utilized toward the credit bureaus and reporting companies to achieve maximum results on your behalf. Our service is typically completed in four (4) to eight (8) months.

The process of credit report verification can take twists and turns along the way. Your success depends on more than us just sending dispute letters. Your success is dependent on our thorough understanding of the credit reporting industry, and how to analyze credit reports and the various investigation results from each respondent at each level of investigation. It is a matter of credit expertise and knowledge, which is what US Fair Credit provides at a very affordable cost.

Our clients are very happy and we are confident you will be too!

Make sure your credit report is accurate

With today’s tightened credit markets, it is more important than ever that your credit report is accurate.

Your credit score and credit report are used for more than just credit approval and interest rates, it is also used to calculate rates for auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, rental screening, and employment screening.

US Fair Credit provides a legal, fast, and affordable credit restoration service to help ensure accuracy. USFCA operates by the stipulations set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, and Credit Repair Organizations Act for credit repair assistance.

Dear FCA Client Services, Thank you for the service US Fair Credit Alliance provided my wife and I. As you know, our credit scores were prohibiting us from refinancing our home and with the adjustable-rate we had, making the higher payments would have been extremely difficult. Within 3 months of becoming a client of FCA, our credit scores rose high enough to allow us to refinance and secure a competitive and fixed-rate mortgage. FCA did everything promised and more! I will be recommending your company to anyone and everyone who needs similar help. Again, thank you for everything, we are so grateful.
Sincerely, Mike

Thank you US FCA,

Your strategy has worked quite well and I am very confident you will continue to do a good job.  I love the fact that you stay on top of things and I appreciate the professional service.



Thanks again for all the help.  I appreciate what you have accomplished in such a short time.  It has allowed us to have a fresh start.  

I would recommend your services to everyone.



Dan, State Police Officer


Resources and News

From time to time we will post some very useful information to help you navigate through the waters of maintaining your credit standing.

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