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The Cost of Bad Credit

The Cost of Bad Credit

Even minor credit report inaccuracies can cost you money every day. Have you ever calculated the cost of BAD CREDIT? Do you know how much you have paid in additional fees due to your poor credit rating? One conservative estimate is that a lower credit score costs the...

Credit Repair Service or DIY?

Are credit repair services worthwhile? Absolutely! That’s like asking if you should have a certified auto technician perform work on your car. Sure, you can repair your car yourself to save money, but will it be right, how many more hours will it take, what if you...

How do I choose an ethical credit repair service?

While you can do credit repair yourself, it requires countless hours of work and an extensive knowledge of the entire credit reporting process. Account verification is more than just sending dispute letters. It requires a thorough understanding of the entire industry,...


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