Steps to Success

USFCA is dedicated to improving your credit score.

We will work diligently to verify your accounts as quickly as possible and provide credit building strategies to improve your credit score.

We are eager to start today.

We will help you obtain an accurate credit report and an improved credit score.


Call Our Credit Specialist For Your No-Obligation Consultation:

The first step is to call our Credit Specialist to analyze your situation and determine if our service is a match for your needs.


Complete Your Enrollment Documents

Complete the enrollment contract, gather your proof of identity, proof of your current mailing address and proof of your social security number and forward these to our service center. Credit Bureaus and some Reporting Companies require the supporting “Proof” documents to protect your privacy and security.


First Set of Verification

As soon as you complete your enrollment, we immediately begin to dispute and verify your derogatory accounts in question. The first round investigation begins with the credit bureaus. We customize dispute letters based on our analysis, the type of account, and any information provided by you. You should receive the investigation results within approximately 45 days. Forward them to us as soon as possible.


Second Round of Verification

Upon receipt of your first set of dispute results, we will evaluate our level of success and the responses provided by the credit bureau. Our first round success fluctuates between 39% and 44% of the accounts deleted or corrected. At this point, we typically respond to the credit bureau responses with a different tactic, and begin the verification and validation process with each reporting company.​


The Remaining Steps

​We customize the strategy specifically for your accounts and the responses received and increase the pressure and accountability as each round progresses. We force the credit bureaus and reporting companies to conform to the law. When you receive results from each round, send them to our Service Center upon receipt. Do not delay, it is vital that we receive them timely, to keep the pressure on and complete our service for you as quickly as possible.

A poor credit score will cost you more money than if you were to have it fixed


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